A collection of links of with information of interest to fellow Old Hickory Division veterans, researchers, and reenactors


  • The 30th Infantry Division In World War II - An active association of combat veterans who have served honorably with the 30th Infantry Division at any time, up through 8 May 1945.
  • 30th Infantry Division Association - An association of veterans who served honorably with the 30th Infantry Division, its parent unit, the 30th Division (WWI), and other assigned unit during WWII. The group hosts an annual reunion which the OHA attends.



  • 117th Infantry Regiment 30th Infantry Division - HRS - The reenacted 117th Infantry Regiment in Minneapolis, MN.  "The 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division HRS’s sole purpose is to educate the public to the traditions and mannerisms of the typical World War II soldiers of all nations, by providing a living history experience for spectators and visitors."
  • 30th Division, 117th Infantry Regiment, L Company - A World War Two re-enactment group based on the east coast with members from PA, NJ, DE, MD, and VA.
  • 105th ENGINEER COMBAT BATTALION - "This unit was organized to authentically portray the combat engineer soldier in the World War II European Theater of Operations, and thus to honor these courageous men. Our goal is to keep alive the memory of their deeds and sacrifices through education, demonstration, and preservation." They are located in Minnesota.
  • 82nd Airborne Division, 325th GIR & 505th PIR - "The All Americans foster and preserve the history of the 82nd Airborne Division (1943 - 1945) by enhancing the public's understanding of the American Paratrooper and the Glider man's contributions during World War II through historically accurate reenactments, camp demonstrations, tactical reenactments, educational displays, military drills, parades, memorial ceremonies, and civilian activities."  A great bunch of guys with whom the OHA crosses paths often!
  • 199th Light Infantry Brigade The Redcatcher Historical Association - Several of our members also [participate in this Vietnam era reenacting organization. The purpose of the Recreated Redcatchers is to honor and preserve the memory and sacrifices of the gallant men that served in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam and Cambodia from 1966 to 1970 and establish a lasting legacy for them by participating in living history displays, reunions, parades, patriotic American functions and battle reenactments. (see also: Camp Frenzell-Jones)



  • 30th Division Old Hickory - A website created and maintained by Warren Watson whose father served with the 117th, Co K from 18AUG to VE-Day.  "This Website is dedicated to the men of the 30th Division, who left their homes and families to fight for our American Ideals of Freedom.
  • Indiana Military - 30th Infantry Division -  Web pages hosted by the Indiana Military Organization chronicling the unit and especially the time during which is was stationed at Camp Atterbury, Indiana (10 November 1943 to 26 January 1944).
  • Camp Croft Homepage - A site is dedicated to Camp Croft, a WWII Army Infantry Replacement Center located near Spartanburg, SC (also managed by the OHA webmaster!)
  • HISTORIQUE DE LA 30th Infantry Division - A French language site dedicated to the 30th!
  • YANK Magazine -A free website for periodicals, books, and videos; this link contains 182 Issues, 2,581 Articles, 4,376 pages of Yank from June 17, 1942 to December 28, 1945.
  • World War II Infantry Commanding Officers' Experiences Reports (download) - The Infantry School at Fort Benning began collecting academic monographs from company commanders soon after the end of World War II, to record their personal combat experiences. Reports include lessons learned, analysis, and criticisms. Covers operations in all theaters of operations. Interviewees include company commanders, platoon leaders, squad leaders, captains, rifle platoon leaders, and mortar platoon leaders.



  • Hogan Quartermaster Depot - Complete reproduction of WW2 K ration, C ration and D bars, as well as other such accessories as Foot Powder, Charms, PK Gum, fuel tablets, batteries and much more. Catalog available.
  • World War II Impressions – U.S. Army uniforms and accessories. Catalog available.
  • What Price Glory – Reproduction uniforms and accessories. No Catalog available.
  • Raven Armory - Reproduction ordnance items



  • WWII Reenactors Forum - A forum open to WWII Reenactors, dedicated to improve the hobby by sharing information on various topics.
  • ALLIED vs AXIS Historical Foundation, Inc. - Dedicated to preserving and presenting accurate WWII equipment and impressions. Our primary focus is providing demonstrations to military historians and those who wish a deeper understanding of the 'greatest generation'.
  • 1947 Old Hickory Reunion Program - PDF version
  • The Infantry Course - Tim O’Neil (S-3 for the BoB) has put together a great training web site for the Officer and NCO types. There are training courses, videos, and great articles. Take a moment to sign up and keep checking for updates. Please pass this along to the members of your home units. We may not have the leadership classes at FIG anymore, but this is a great tool.


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