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The Old Hickory Association is dedicated to honor the men of the 30th Infantry Division, and later units that carry on their traditions, who left their homes, jobs and families to fight for our American Ideals of Freedom

The objective of the Old Hickory Association (OHA) is to honor the service of and to tell the full and true story of the men who served in the 30th Infantry Division during the World Wars, to support surviving veterans, and to support the military successors who carry on the “Old Hickory” traditions. Through study and direct interviews with surviving veterans, we endeavor to faithfully recount their World War II accomplishments, their individual stories and to preserve and perpetuate the memory of the 30th Infantry Division men for generations to come.

In our displays, we attempt to provide the public with information that delivers a “living history snapshot” of what the 30th Division GI’s and Doughboys wore, to highlight the camps they trained in, the equipment they carried into battle, to detail the major campaigns they fought in, and to describe the Theater of Operations they battled through. We make this information readily available to all who wish to have a better understanding of what these National Guard and replacement soldiers experienced. In the “Great War” or World War 1, units of the 30th Infantry Division broke the “Hindenburg Line” at its strongest point along the St Quentin Canal. Men of the 30th earned more Medals of Honor (12) than those of any other division in the American Expeditionary Forces. The 30th Division was ranked as the TOP division in the European Theater of Operations (ETO) during WWII by Col. S. L. A. Marshall, GSC, U.S. Army Historian. Although primarily a North and South Carolina National Guard organization, by the end of the war, the 30th was infused with soldiers from all of the 48 States.

Members of the OHA do this as an ongoing labor-of-love. We strive to make all of our information as ACCURATE as possible and to give proper credit to whoever provided it. All of the equipment on display…the uniforms, web gear, weapons, photos, year books, maps, footlockers, mementos and other such paraphernalia is either privately owned by OHA members or has been purchased by the organization for use in our display activities. Some display items have been donated to us by veterans of the 30th or by their families. However, we do not receive any subsidies from the U.S. government or any state government. Basically, we fund our organization through member dues and stipends paid to us by event organizers such as “air shows” or military “timeline” displays. OHA members always pay their own expenses to attend the annual 30th Infantry Division Association reunions and for any public displays or any holiday parades we’ve been invited to attend. For additional information or to provide us with a veteran’s story, please contact us

For additional information or to provide us with a veteran’s story, please contact us


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