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A collection of web sites related primarily to the Military History of South Carolina

Camp Croft Homepage - A W.W.II Infantry Replacement Training Center at Spartanburg

Fort Oglethorpe - A US Army Encampment during W.W.I and W.W.II located in Georgia

Old Hickory Association, 30th Infantry Division Reenactors

118th Regiment, 30th Division (South Carolina National Guard) in W.W.II COMING SOON

Tent & Trench - Camp Wadsworth, a W.W.I US Army National Guard Training Camp at Spartanburg

The Iron Scouts - A Progressive War Between the States Enactment Group

3rd Continental Light Dragoons (McCall's State Troops) - An American Revolution Enactment Group

Sons of Confederate Veteran, Adam Washington Ballenger Camp, Camp #68

Springs of Grace Lutheran Church, Inman, South Carolina


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